Friday 20th March

14:00 - 15:30

Satellite Symposium: Molecular biotechnology for drug development and innovative therapeutic strategies in Neuromuscular Diseases (NMDs)

Chairs: C. Blandizzi, C. Martini


Greetings and introduction: Where tradition meets innovation in NMDs

G. Siciliano, T. Evangelista, M. Marra

15:50 Lecture 1

Artificial intelligence: why it can help and which the different approaches to get it done.

J. Diaz-Manera

Coffee break
16:35 Lecture 2

Telemedicine and mobile health: new tools in caring of patients with neuromuscular disorders

P. Scilingo

17,00 -18.30

Session 1- Round Table: Artificial Intelligence for NMDs: Ethical issues and the voice of patients, EU-exchange strategies, new drug economic sustainability.

Chairs: D. Taruscio, S. Segovia-Kueny

Welcome reception

Saturday 21th March

8:00 - 9:00
Starts up and Innovation - A guided tour
Core program: A journey along the patient real life
9:00 - 10:50 - Session 2

Diagnosis: Big data for Biological Systems, Digital biomarkers, Nerve-Muscle Imaging, Tissue Pathology

  • Sacconi S.- FACE-NMD: diagnosis of NMDs by facial recognition
  • Bendham D.- Muscle MRI segmentation techniques for NMD: advantages for diagnosis and follow-up
  • Knieling F.- Light in-sound out: non invasive molecular imaging in NMDs
  • Bochicchio M.- Early detection of Rare Diseases: a web-based system for monitoring maternal and fetal health
  • Nigro V.: Big data for genomic approach to the diagnosis of NMDs
  • Conte R.- InGene: a suite of tools for a better diagnosis in NMDs
Coffee break
11:10 - 13:00 - Session 3

Therapies: Digital outcome measures in clinical trials, Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring, e-Registries

  • Messina S.- Digital outcome measures in DMD and SMA patients: perspectives and new challenges
  • Vissing J.- “How can we improve the reliability of the 6MWT?”
  • Servais L. - Results of the use of Actimyo
  • Billeci L.- Wearable technologies for the assessment of fatigue in NMDx
  • Ricci G.- Methods of web-based at home assistance for clinical trials in NMDs
  • Plancon J.-P.- Real life evidence: gathering data to better understand patients living with immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies: the NEUROQUALI project
14:00 - 15:00 Pitch session 1

Domotic systems for enhancing autonomy and QoL in NMD

Chairs: P. Santantonio, A. Toscano

15:00 - 16:00 - Session 4

Rehabilitation: Biosensors and Connecting devices, Robotics

  • Frisoli A – Technical advancements for assistive robotics in Neuromuscular Subjects
  • Chisari C - New technologies for assessment and rehabilitation in NMDs: do we need a consensus statement?
  • Hamedani M.- Technological innovation in neurorehabilitation process using wearable sensor system
  • Tognetti A - Wearable device and methods for the assessment of gait parameters in daily life
  • D’Angelo G.- USEFUL: User-centered Assistive System for Arm Functions in NMDs
  • Mahmoud Alheou P-T- AMADEUS robotic system rehabilitation in DM1 patients
Coffee break
17:00 - 18:00 Pitch session 2

What’s new on e-Health in NMD: visionary or reality?

Chairs: M. Mancuso, T. Mongini, S. Rossi

Conclusive remarks